Brescia, 12 December 2022 – Comments from Crociati coach Fabio Pecchia, at the end of the Brescia vs Parma match, Matchday seventeen of Serie BKT 2022-23.

“Very happy with the win, with the performance, with the timing and how it came. And the group responded in a great way. Even if the regret remains, which follows a bit like previous performances, in the first half, when you create so much, you have to have the energy to gain a bigger lead. Brescia did not create much, but on a ball from Moreo they could have spoiled the party. I congratulate the boys, at a time like this, they responded magnificently. In the first half we showed ability, quality, spirit. We created after the opener, with chances to double, and this is the regret. Today everyone wanted to bring home the win. The three-man midfield? It’s also the result of the situation we are in and the condition of several players, it’s a solution we’ve been working on for some time. I liked it, it’s certainly a solution that can be adopted in the future. The formation is a very minor factor, because on this night the spirit went beyond the technical-tactical level. After going ahead, they opened up and there was even more opportunity to attack. In those situations, you have to put your foot on the accelerator and look for the double blow to crush the opponent. Today there was the right excitement, the match with Benevento had hurt us. And today there was a desire to improve”.

“The exclusion of Sohm and Oosterwolde? I coach a very young team, my job is to improve them tactically, physically, mentally and professionally. For me, they are choices and evaluations that have to be made, in agreement with the club because we have a strong club behind us. The boys have made a slip-up, from tomorrow we all start again together. I repeat my job is to train people and professionals within a group. Little things, there are rules that must be respected within a group.. From tomorrow they will be back focused on working hard’.

Man? It’s a matter of physical continuity, when I arrived he was coming off a long injury still from last season. He had an ankle problem that interrupted his progress and never gave him the chance to have any continuity. He is a player of extraordinary quality, he just needs to play. In these months he missed work on the pitch, now the quality is there for all to see”.

Vazquez? In his natural role not much changes for him, there have been times when I have asked him to play in front of the defence, to do the dirty work and he has done it with quality. He is Mudo, but with more intelligence.”

Bonny? Fin dal primo giorno di lavoro, è giovane, ha un fisico straordinario e una tecnica nel dribbling molto forte. Mi auguro che il gol possa dargli quella consapevolezza e quella forza per dare continuità. In questi 5 mesi la cosa straordinaria è l’atteggiamento e la voglia di lavorare che ha mostrato sempre. Ci sono stati dei lunghi momenti in cui è rimasto ai margini ma non ha mai mollato. Per me questi sono segnali a cui dare il giusto valore. Non ho visto il gol, ho sentito l’esultanza dei nostri tifosi. Ma provo a immaginare che giocata possa aver fatto. Il gol è il giusto premio, lavora con grande serietà e spirito di abnegazione. Gli mancava la strada del gol“.

Bonny? From day one, he’s young, has an extraordinary physique and a very strong dribbling technique. I hope that goal can give him the confidence to keep pushing forward and improving. In these five months, the remarkable thing is the attitude and desire to work that he has always shown. There were long moments when he was on the sidelines but he never gave up. I didn’t see the goal, I heard the cheers of our fans. But I try to imagine what it was like. The goal is the right reward, he works with great seriousness and spirit of self-denial”.