Parma, 15 December 2022 – A traditional event, a consistent gesture of care for those who suffer and for those who really look forward to Christmas and spending it merrily. They delivered gifts to young patients this afternoon at the ‘Pietro Barilla’ Children’s Hospital in Parma.

In the hospital lobby, gifts and toys were brought in for the hospital’s young patients, which, thanks to the help and cooperation of the medical staff, will be delivered to the wards in the coming days. Covid-19 Restrictions still make it impossible to deliver directly to the children, as was the case two years ago. But our club wanted to be present with a large participation: the Men’s First Team, led by sporting director Mauro Pederzoli, included Edoardo Corvi, Leandro Chichizola, Drissa Camara, Adrian Benedyczak, Cristian Ansaldi, Antoine Hainaut and Gennaro Tutino. The women’s team was represented by coach Domenico Panico, assistant coach Andrea Giannetti, Match Analyst Gianluca Turi and, from the team, Alice Benoit, Erika Santoro, Michela Cambiaghi, Emma Errico, Melania Martinovic, Nora Heroum and Gloria Ciccioli. The Crociati delegation included Luca Martines (Managing Director Corporate), Giuseppe Squarcia (SLO), Elisabetta Ferraru (Team Manager Women’s First Team), Riccardo Gatto (Vice Team Manager Men’s First Team) and Giulio Pasta (Medical Area Coordinator).

To give a strong sense of unity in our expanded community, this year’s delivery was perfected together with the guys from the Curva Nord, the Boys Parma 1977 group, who organised an ad hoc collection of toys from fans in the city of Parma. The gifts were delivered together with a delegation from Boys Parma 1977, who were present this afternoon.

There was great happiness shown by the people from the hospital, represented by the Health Director, Nunziata D’Abbiero, the Director of the Maternal and Infantile Department, Gian Luigi deAngelis, the ward managers, the nursing-medical staff and the Giocoamico volunteers (the association that carries out various educational, recreational and leisure activities), who welcomed our representatives into the facility.

Here is what medical director Nunziata D’Abbiero had to say about it: “I thank Parma Calcio and the Boys. Sport rhymes with solidarity, it is in the heart of the game to think of others and of people in need. Your gesture reaffirms this important and fundamental connection for society, for sport and solidarity. To give a little joy and light-heartedness to those in need”.

“We thank the Boys and Parma Calcio, they have visited us before, they held a collection to donate to our children. The combination of sport and fans is always wonderful, a child’s first goal in life is to become a sports champion. Sport is a very important, driving value, and it gives children the opportunity to dream but also to know how to live. Sport is like life, a lot of effort, results that do not always live up to subjective expectations, but joy comes with it as well. These visits bring positivity to the children, I thank the athletes who have come fresh from a beautiful victory. And keep on winning,” is Gian Luigi de’ Angelis’ comment.

The conclusion, before the photos, autographs and selfies, with the male and female players of the Men’s and Women’s First Teams, was delivered by Corporate Managing Director Luca Martines: “We would like to thank you, these events are good for the soul. Sport and youth are a perfect match, we want to reiterate our commitment to see you next year to bring a ray of positivity to those going through difficult phases of their lives. And thanks to all the doctors for the commendable work you do every day for society at large”.