Parma, 17 December 2022 – It was Parma vs Spal, league match, that made Crociati History.

It is that match played in our stadio Ennio Tardini against Ferrara’s Polisportiva Ars et Labor, which bears the name and surname of our striker Bandiera.

On the afternoon of Sunday, 13 May 1984, Massimo Barbuti, with four goals, marked one of the last decisive passes towards promotion to Serie B for our team coached by the late Marino Perani.

It was the second victory in the decisive sequence of consecutive victories in the last five matches of the Serie C1 Group A.

The hosts were toppled by a 4-1 scoreline.

Massimo’s first three goals were carbon copies of each other. All scored with their heads.

The opener, in the 40th minute, on a cross from the right by Stefano Mariani.

The second, in the 63rd, came after an assist from the left by attacking partner Tiziano Titti Ascagni.

The third, in the 79th, came from a beautiful pass on the volley, again from the left-hand side, but more central, from the central attacking midfielder Fausto Salsano.

The fourth and final goal came in the 90th minute, a mocking lob over the opposing goalkeeper Riccardo Cervellati.

Barbuti kicked it in from the right, unleashed in the area by a splitting pass from Salsano, who again wreaked havoc in the Spal backline with his imagination.

La Bandiera at the second and third goals went mental, as usual, under the Nord stand.

First, by going crazy in the stand with the fans (there were 9,500 spectators and the Tardini at the time was packed). Then, doing a flip and hugging the ball boys.

At the seal of that legendary day, he finally turned towards the Curva and waved goodbye.

A gesture of his right hand and the sketch of an incredulous smile were enough.

P.s. just for the record, Franco Pezzato momentarily equalised for Spal in the 44th minute.