Parma, 17 December 2022 – Today at the Mattioli Auditorium of the Governor’s Palace in Parma, the Participatory Path concerning the project for the redevelopment of Parma’s Tardini Stadium was presented. A schedule of seven meetings aimed at presenting the project proposal of the club and at examining numerous issues in depth: the inclusion of the stadium in the urban and social fabric, the environmental and economic sustainability of the project, accessibility and services to citizens.

The aim of the Participatory Path is to inform all Parma citizens about the project, in order to exchange observations and proposals that will be evaluated by the municipal administration and then shared with Parma Calcio 1913 with a view to improvement. The meetings planned by the Coordinator will be divided into two categories: “Meetings with the community”, dedicated to all citizens in order to discuss the main topics of the project dossier, and “In-depth meetings”, aimed at discussions with key stakeholders, such as environmental associations, trade, industry, local associations, sports associations.

Details of all meetings are available on the website under the ‘Participate’ section. In addition to the calendar of the seven meetings planned, Path Coordinator Filippo Ozzola also presented the path’s website ( and Facebook page (@stadiodiparma). All the ways in which it will be possible to take part in the meetings and offer contributions to the debate were then illustrated: in addition to participating during the meetings, it will be possible to send materials to the coordinator through the form on the website and through the e-mail address These materials will be made public in the “Actors’ Notebooks” section of the site.

The Mayor of Parma Michele Guerra spoke, emphasising that “today marks the start of an important path that will allow the Project Dossier to be further enriched with improvements that will come from the city. This is exactly what we promised in the election campaign, first of all a sharing of the critical issues with the Company that led to the new Dossier and then the path with the citizens. I am satisfied because in just a few months we have managed to put on the ground a very important methodological operation, of confrontation, on a strategic infrastructure of the city”.

For the Società Parma Calcio 1913, the Managing Director Corporate Luca Martines, expressed the utmost willingness for a constructive discussion with the citizenship, and elaborated on the reasons for the project proposal presented by the club. “We thank the Municipality of Parma and we thank the Coordinator Filippo Ozzola for organising this path of participation. We will present our project as best we can and listen to any doubts that may help us improve some specific aspects. We see the new stadium as the new home of Parma Calcio and its fans, but also as a new space for the entire city. Our idea is to create a more modern and efficient facility from an energy and technological point of view, in continuity and in respect of the urban conformation of the city”.

The next meeting will take place on 22 December 2022 at 18.00 CET. at the Astra Cinema and will be dedicated to the presentation of the new project dossier, available on the participatory path website in the “The Project” section. All the meetings can be followed online on the Facebook page of the participatory path and on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Parma. The project coordinator will also be reachable at the email contact