Collecchio, 23 December 2022 – Statements from Crociati Coach Fabio Pecchia, during the press conference for the match against Venezia (Monday 26 December, 15:00 CET) to journalists in the press room at the Collecchio Training Centre.


“The balance will be made at the end, the biggest downside is the inconsistent results so far this season. Without talking about the result, I see the level of the team, the way we work on the pitch, of creating a very precise and clear identity, playing the same way home and away, this gives me great satisfaction. The emotional participation of the boys gives me great confidence and satisfaction, but also that anger because we have’t got what we deserve. Either we do something different or we persist with what we are doing. Right now what we are doing is not enough to win games, we have to work on that. There are teams that with much less, bring home the result. What we produce, what we do, what we recover, is not enough. Sometimes trying to be dirty or create dangerous situations, we have to work on that. Not bringing home the result when you have this quality at your disposal, it leaves us disappointed”.


“We have something similar to Venezia, they are a team with lots of foreign players. And they have a lot of young ones developing. They play differently to us, but with a change of coach they are sharper. They continue to play three at the back, they have strong players, like Crnigoj who is adept at always going to the wing. They have a lot of strength in their side and in the offensive phase they are fast. The most important match at the end of the year? The most important game is always the next one, regardless of whether you come from a defeat or a victory. Last year Venezia reached Serie A, beyond the table everyone cares about it and everyone will want to play it in the best possible way. It’s a similar game to Spal but I think it will be a different match.


“For us it’s normal days, Christmas is a pre-match day, we’ll have our final session. We continue to train regularly, both on Saturday and Sunday in the morning. It’s been a longer week than usual, so we’ll have different loading and unloading days than usual. We’re here at the Centro Sportivo, both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve the lads can stay with their families, but on Sunday we’ll train in the morning and then leave for Venice.”


“We still have three days of work, but I think Benek can be in the group. Romagnoli has had an extra week and we’ll see about Camara. Charpentier? For Benek the break was short, while for Gabriel the break was longer. He is training with us, but he has been away from the group for a long time. We will be careful, but he is working with us.


“I analyse and evaluate the matches, the team was very balanced on the pitch, both against Brescia and Spal, we created many chances on goal. There’s also the ability of the team to change as they go, I like that and we will continue to work on that. Osorio or Chichizola? These are things that happen, these are things we pay dearly for and there’s not much more to say. Osorio had a great game, I feel sorry for the boys and it’s part of the game, that’s how it is at the moment. I’m not interested in comparisons with last year, it’s all in the past and it’s history, how things are distributed changes and the points have a different value. We have to think about playing for the three points, there was the Coppa Italia run and this is what the lads need, and there is no need to do any more calculations. To get results you need continuity in the victories”.