Collecchio, 9 January 2023 – Comments from the Crociati’s coach Fabio Pecchia during his press conference ahead of the game against Inter (scheduled for Tuesday 10 January, 21:00 CET) in the press room at the Collecchio Training Centre.

“With composure, with enthusiasm, we earned our place in this match on the pitch. Before in Salerno, we wanted it and we got it. It’s great, we’re going to play our own game, our enthusiasm is good, I commend the youngsters because this match allows everyone to test themselves with elite football. The visit from our fans was very nice, they made us feel a certain closeness and enthusiasm. And now all that remains is the match itself, tomorrow. We have almost everyone back from injury, it’s one thing to be in the team and another to be in the group. Or throwing them into the mixer when they’re not ready, that’s risky. They’re all in, they’ve worked very well, but evaluations will be made on their playing time. The break has been positive for everyone, and has given us a chance to get some players back from the sidelines”.

“In the two matches I saw a healthy team, in the win against Napoli they played with strength and energy. And even in Monza, apart from a bit of the second half, they were excellent. I want to see from my own players the things we know how to do. Taking into account the opponent, but still playing with extreme determination, extreme desire and enthusiasm. That’s what I’m asking of the lads, we’re playing for passage to the round. Inter? A physical team, very solid, very strong. And we will have to fight, playing to our own strengths, but I want enthusiasm in doing so. Goals conceded by headers? Dzeko is strong, he’s a big threat. If he stays out it’s a bonus for us. But statistics have no real bearing”. 

“It is rewarding from my point of view, because in this period having a team with so many young people and the potential that has been shown, there is work to be done by the boys. The philosophy of the club is the right one, to bring forward the sporting result with the growth of the youngsters. It is a logical consequence of this, too many young guys can destabilise or create problems. However, this is part of the game, you have to know how to manage it. And we have to do so as a club and as staff. I have made no demands from the Club, here there is total sharing with the Club. These are evaluations that have to be made with the club. We have a very large squad with many young players, the figures show it, we are first in this category. And we are far ahead of the other Serie B teams. I know that the fans want more, but here there is a total sharing, which takes into account the opening of the market, it’s obvious, but the evaluations are made with the technical management of the Club”.

“Gigi has recovered, he’s back with us. He will certainly be of great help to all the guys in taking on this match, in managing the pre-match and the match itself. He has the ability to take on this role”.

“We are the fifth best attack, according to the rankings. It makes me angry because in some games we created a lot of chances and we have many players capable of big numbers. Franco, especially because of the absences of Bobby and Charpentier, has given us a certain balance, the performances were good like the one in Venice. Bobby’s return gives us that extra option”.