Milan, 10 January 2023 – The statements of the Crociati coach Fabio Pecchia, made at the end of the Inter vs. Parma, in the Round of 16 of the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa.

“There is great regret, for the match, for the application, for the spirit that was there. The equaliser, which happened like that, affected us beyond measure. But that’s what happens to us in the league. This makes us angry, because the boys work and are reaping too little for what they sow. We earned it on the pitch, we had gone through two rounds, and we had the desire to come here and do our thing, knowing we were up against a top team. We did, in both halves, what I had asked with great personality, with great spirit, and that would have been the right reward for the boys. At certain times we also need these things, because such a young team can become aware of its potential. A victory here would have given an important boost. We came here with the desire, after a great goal, after a great play. I didn’t even see Osorio’s deflection and that makes us even angrier. From Saturday we restart our league campaign, where we want to take back what we left on the road”.

Buffon is an additional boost for being there. It was a pity because he was out for too long to be able to contribute in the dressing room but also on the pitch. Today he was the most emotional, he cared a lot, he was back and the goal was to return to play a game after the injury. And he played a game with great depth.”

“The penalty shoot-out? It would have been right to finish it after 90 minutes. But we must persist and continue. We go home aware of the great performance, the maturity of the team but with the taste of defeat.

“The new year? The hope is to continue to reap what we sow. Today we didn’t get through but I think we deserved it. We hold on to the performance.”