Roma, 11 January 2023 –The F.I.G.C. Women’s Football Division has announced the match schedule for the 5th and 6th matches of the return leg of the 1st Phase of the Women’s Serie A Championship:


SAT   21.01.2023, 12.30 CET: SAMPDORIA vs MILAN
SAT   21.01.2023, 14.30 CET: SASSUOLO vs FIORENTINA
SUN 22.01.2023, 12.30 CET: PARMA vs ROMA
SUN  22.01.2023, 12.30 CET: POMIGLIANO vs JUVENTUS

Match broadcast live on La7, and TimVision

SUN   22.01.2023, 14.30 CET: INTER-COMIO


Matches broadcast live on TimVision

SAT   28.01.2023, 14.30 CET: FIORENTINA vs POMIGLIANO
SUN 29.01.2023, 12.30 CET: JUVENTUS vs SAMPDORIA
SUN 29.01.2023, 14.30 CET: PARMA vs COMO
SUN 29.01.2023, 14.30 CET: ROMA vs SASSUOLO

Match broadcast live on La7, and TimVision

SAT  28.01.2023, 14.30 CET: MILAN vs INTER