Collecchio, 13 January 2023 – Read what the Crociati Coach Fabio
Pecchia had to say during his press conference at Collecchio before the
match against Bari.

Bari were the real surprise, but only at the beginning. They have proved that they were in
their position on merit, through professionalism, hard work and ideas. They’re a team that
can attack and defend and they manage games well, but also that counter-attack really well
thanks to some very good players. They play direct football. We are not a counter-attacking
team; we like to control the game. Of course, if you only control the game in the final third, it
becomes more complicated. We play different football to Bari, but we will face them with
great respect as they are above us in the table. I told the boys I wanted to see more of the
same from the performance against Inter, which was not perfect but we played for the win.
This is what I want to emphasise. We must use the anger and bitterness that has left with us.
And even if we have less energy than Bari, we must keep that bitter taste in our mouths. We
have to keep that from Tuesday. This taste must enter our bloodstream and we must take it
with us from San Siro to Bari.”

“Hours are important, twelve hours more or less makes a difference. I would have liked
them to have looked after Parma better, in a fixture list that tends to be simple to manage.
If we had a team playing in the round of 16, it would have been useful to give them a few
more hours rest. We have time to recover physically, and then we can focus on recovering
mentally. Tomorrow will be a mentally tough game, and I will have to make some decisions
that will depend on lots of different aspects. Given that the last game took a lot out of us, I
will have to manage the squad as well as I can. It is very easy to analyse after something has
happened. As I look back it makes me angrier and angrier at everything that took place in
Milan. 120 minutes plus added time, it’d be a good thing. A great starting point and it’s the
boys who have the biggest feeling of regret. When you get that far you have to win the game,
and it would have been a real reward and one that was much deserved. It’s happened now,
but the players have to remember this feeling and keep it in their bodies. They’ve shown they
are capable of a performance of a high calibre, and now they must show they can repeat it.”

“The substitutions? The most difficult thing is keeping all the players confident; it’s a very
demanding aspect, it’s a daily job and some of the responsibility is the players’. We must
show we are a group that has always worked hard and acted professionally, and even those
who have been on the side-lines have done the same. And every time I have called upon
them, their attitude and commitment has been fantastic. I see this on a daily basis, and it is
something we must insist on if we want to see the fruits of our labour.”

Romagnoli? He managed to make the bench against Venezia as a step towards his return.
He resumed training, then came the break and now he’s had a setback. We need to assess
him, he won’t be available against Bari. Charpentier? He is with us in training; we hope he
can stay fit because he is an important player for us.”

“The main regret from the first half of the season? It’s that we were missing players from
the group for a long period. Compared to other teams, Parma did not have a full squad for
an extended period, that is the real regret.”