Bari, 14 January 2023 – The words of the Crociati coach Fabio Pecchia, released at the end of Bari vs. Parma, on Matchday 20 of Serie BKT.

“Bari deserved it, I congratulate them. It’s too heavy a defeat. We imagined a different match, we didn’t have the energy to face it in the same way. There is great regret and we look forward. I‘m not looking for excuses with the cup, I’m talking about energy: Bari had more, they had more bite, more strength, more ability to turn up in the situations that came their way, especially in the first half. A first half that was brutal. For the first time I will say that the opponent was superior to us. This is a sound defeat, the others must be analysed differently. We seem to be pessimistic, it’s a bad performance today but I still have faith in the boys. There is little to add and little to talk about.”

“The inconsistent performance? We are looking for continuity in the result, because this is the only game where we lose with merit, but many times we have emerged defeated in performances that deserved a different result. And the defeat was deserved. Age is part of our group, this is the group, we have to look for solutions because this is what youth is about”.

“The window? This is the team, this is the group. With the market, the sooner it ends the better, so there will be less and less talk about it. And I have great confidence in my boys, I see them working. It closes on the 31st and I’m thinking about preparing for the next one against Perugia. I think about the players I have available, these are evaluations that are made with the club and the technical direction. I repeat, I think about the players I have at my disposal.”

“Vazquez? He came out after two hours of the game, almost the entire defensive line was stretched to the maximum. And I wanted more energy to be able to give support. After six minutes you find yourself under and in the first 30 minutes with the penalty that ended the game, the team tried to get inside the area and do things, to find the goal. In the second half the game was more complicated, some players were not very clear on the situation. There was little recrimination about the initial choices, some players were too risky to play 45 minutes. All the minutes had to be managed in this situation.”

“The game didn’t open up because we lacked the legs in the middle of the pitch, there were too many easy situations after the goal. We tried to play and the pitch opened up, they are very good at that from the restarts. When there is a performance like that, there is regret. The game was clear-cut and I repeat my compliments to Bari”.