Milan, 15 January 2023 Matchday 13  Serie A Femminile, Sunday 15 January 2023, on the grass pitch at the “Vismara” Sports Centre in Milan, AC Milan beat Parma 2-0.

With president Kyle Krause in attendance the Gialloblù started well, playing in AC Milan’s half for a long time. In the 8th minute a weak left-footed shot by Erika Santoro was saved without difficulty by Laura Giuliani who, in the 13th minute, was forced to come out to close down Melania Martinovic after a beautiful pass by Marjia Banusic. A minute later (14′) Erika Santoro snuck down the right, with a double dribble she skipped past her opponent and crossed to Melania Martinovic who hits a header. In the 17th minute a free kick from the left side of the box by Marta Mascarello was blocked by Captain Alessia Capelletti.

Shortly after (18′) Marija Banusic on the counter-attack found Nicole Arcangeli who finished just wide. In the 20th minute Melania Martinovic stole the ball from Laura Giuliani from a poor pass, but couldn’t find the space to finish into an open goal.

In the 27th minute a shot from the edge by Kamila Dubcova was saved without trouble by Alessia Capelletti. There were plenty of errors in setting up and coming out of the box for the hosts, who struggled to reach the goal until the end of the first half (44 minutes) when a move by Sara Gedsted Andersen Thierge led to a cross for Martina Piemonte who lapped the ball just enough to put Alessia Capelletti out of action: it was 1-0 at the end of the first half.

At the start of the second half Coach Domenico Panico inserted Niamh Farrelly in place of Melania Martinovic: now, with the new arrival in midfield, Nicole Arcangeli advanced alongside Marjia Banusic behind Michela Cambiaghi, who moved into the centre of attack. A cross from the right in the 50th minute, saw the ball slip dangerously through the Gialloblù area without anyone clearing it, until it arrived on the left to Matina Piemonte who found Lindsey Kimb Thomas, who sent it over from a few yards out.

In the 15th minute AC Milan doubled their lead: Angelica Soffia played the ball in behind and found Gudny Arnadottir, who, from the edge of the box, hit the back of the net with a deflection by Nora Heroum. 2-0. Coach Domenico Panico, at this point, brought on new signing Margrét Árnadóttir for Danielle Cox. From the other dugout Maurizio Ganz subbed on Greta Adami for Angelica Soffia. And in the 65th minute Alia Guagni replaced Captain Valentina Bergamaschi.

Nicole Arcangeli came off for Liucija Vaitukaitytė in the 63rd minute, among the Rossoneri, Marta Mascarello went off for Valery Vigilucci, In the 76th minute Liucija Vaitukaitytė entered the box and shot, but Laura Giuliani parried it away for a corner. The result stayed the same and after three minutes of added time the match ended 2-0.

Goals: 44′ Piemonte, 60′ Arnadottir

AC MILAN (4-4-2) – 1. Laura Giuliani; 4. Gudny Arnadottir, 6. Laura Fusetti (V. Cap.), 25. Anna Malgorzata Mesjasz, 3. Sara Gedsted Andersen Thierge; 20. Angelica Soffia (61′ 8. Greta Adami), 10. Kamila Dubcova, 12. Marta Mascarello (73′ 17. Valery Vigilucci), 7. Valentina Bergamaschi (Cap., 65′ 37. Alia Guagni); 19. Lindsey Kimb Thomas, 18. Martina Piemonte..
Coach: Maurizio Ganz
Unused: 22. Noemi Fedele, 32. Selena Delia Babb; 9. Kosovare Asslani, 13. Oona Llona Sevenius, 15. Noemie Carage, 26. Michaela Dubcova

PARMA (4-3-2-1) – 1. Alessia Capelletti (Cap.);  27. Erika Santoro, 77. Giovana Maia (83′ 5. Joana Marchão); 11. Nora Heroum (V. Cap.), 14. Ana Jelenčić (83′ 28. Giorgia Arrigoni); 4. Bianca Giulia Bardin, 73. Danielle Cox (61′  19. Margrét Árnadóttir), 30. Nicole Arcangeli (73′ 20. Liucija Vaitukaitytė); 36. Michela Cambiaghi, 10. Marija Maredinho Banusic;  24. Melania Martinovic (46′ 71. Niamh Farrelly) .
Coach: Domenico Panico
Unused: 12. Gloria Ciccioli; , 7. Antoinette Jewel Williams, 15. Ludovica Nicolini, 44. Margherita Brscic

Referee: Luca Angelucci (Foligno)

Assistants: Stefano Camilli and Elia Tini Brunozzi (Foglino)

Fourth official: Francesco Comito (Messina)

Bookings: Mascarello, Fusetti, Arnadottir; Farrelly

Stoppage time: 0’+3’