The campaign to raise awareness to violence against women that the Serie B is carrying out on the pitch continues, thanks to the twenty clubs and the Dipartimento Pubblica Sicurezza Direzione Centrale di Polizia Criminale and the Organismo Congressuale Forense.

It is a commitment that is still important in light of the reports of the Ministry of the Interior, that show a phenomenon of numbers that are far too high of recent cases of feminicide that have appeared in national news.

For this reason, next weekend in the 21st matchday of the Serie BKT season, the league has organised a series of initiatives that the league’s President, Mauro Balata, explains: “We must not lower our guard, and we must use the extraordinary communicative vehicle that is football to launch messages to the public so that this heinous crime, which represents a violation of human rights, is definitively eradicated from our society. I would like to thank the Organismo Congressuale Forense and the Dipartimento Pubblica Sicurezza Direzione Centrale di Polizia Criminale, who have been at the front and centre of our efforts to tackle this issue, and for their help in supporting our initiatives.”

Red ribbon and LEDs

On matchday 21, before the start of games, players of both teams will wear a red ribbon on their wrists with the words “No to violence against women” and the hashtag “#BASTA” will appear on the on-field LEDs. This echoes the campaign launched on matchday 14, when a special red ball was used on 25 November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, as well as various other initiatives in support of the cause.

Prefect Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy Director General of Public Security – Central Director of the Criminal Police, said the following : Gender violence is a complex issue that has ancient roots and that requires in-depth and constant analysis within the force in order to be countered. I thank the Serie B because today, teams with many sports fans can convey with us, the Police Force, a message of paramount importance to promote effective gender equality.”

Words from the Organismo congressuale forense: “’Gender violence is a crime that spares no one and happens in every environment and in every cultural context. Recently it has also gravely affected a young, talented and committed lawyer who will no longer be able to fulfil her dreams. We will take forward with us her ideas and battles with even more determination to honour her memory. We thank the Serie B and its president, Mauro Balata, for the attention and sensitivity shown’.

Data from the beginning of 2023 – the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police, the Criminal Analysis Service, has carried out analysis of all criminal episodes involving gender-based violence, while also extrapolating statistical data. During the period of 1 – 15 January 2023, 12 homicides were recorded, with 5 female victims, all killed in a family/sentimental environment; of these, 4 were killed by a current or former partner. Balata concludes that this is “Shocking and disturbing data, that show the problem and the need to continue to promote preventative and combative actions with the utmost commitment.”