President: Kyle Krause
Delegated Director: Tanner Krause
Delegated Director: Oliver Krause
Managing Director Corporate: Jaap Kalma
Managing Director Sport: Javier Ribalta
Sporting Director: Mauro Pederzoli
Head of Methodology: Filippo Galli
Loan Director: Alessandro Lucarelli
Operating Director: Stefano Perrone
Director of Administration, Finance and Control: Valerio Casagrande
General Secretary: Alessio Paini
Sporting Secretary: Dario Della Corte
Team Manager: Alessio Cracolici
Head of Communication and Head of the Press Office: Nicolò Fabris
Head of Administration: Gianpietro Fallini
Financial Controller: Alessandro Pettinà
Head of Scouting: Massimiliano Notari
Scouting Coordinator: Christian Povolo
Head of Marketing: Jonathan Greci (Parma Marketing)
Head of Sales: Mattia Incannella (Parma Marketing)
Youth Sector Sporting Director: Luca Piazzi
Head of Ticketing: Corrado Sani
Procurement Office and Disability Access Officer: Roberto Praticò
Supporters Liaison Officer, Disability Access Officer and Philanthropy Manager: Giuseppe Squarcia
CSR Manager and Hospitality Manager: Emanuela Andronaco