Our history
Our team, the city’s team, was born over a century ago on 16th December 1913. From the very beginning, the team was inextricably linked to the city’s history and culture. In fact, its name, for the first 3 months was ‘Verdi Football Club’ and the team wore blue and yellow chequered shirts, the Ducal colours.

For over a century, the team and the city have lived through victories, defeats, disappointments and great opportunities together, forming an unbreakable bond. In 1990, the Parma club won promotion to Serie A for the first time. This victory marked the beginning of a magical decade in which the club would go on to win 8 national and international trophies, earning the title of the 4th Italian team for the number of UEFA trophies won. During those years, thanks to the many international stars who wore our shirt, Parma Calcio became a world famous brand. Over the last few years, the Parma Calcio brand has hit the headlines all over the world once again thanks to the club’s incredible rise from Serie D to Serie A in only 3 seasons; the only story of its kind