Parma Calcio 1913 will transform the Tardini into a facility that contributes to the wellbeing and the quality of life of the local community. With that in mind, right from the outset of the project, listening to the local community and interested parties has been key for the design team.

In March 2021, the Club sent out a questionnaire so that they could take in, analyse and understand the wishes and needs of all the stakeholders. All parties registered an interest in a stadium that would be sustainable, innovative and that would include new services and functions. Among these new functions are a Parma Calcio museum, an event space, an area for children, a space for sport and new social gathering spots. This was the starting point for the new Stadio Tardini.

The Club’s commitment to listening to local residents didn’t stop there. As part of the preliminary presentation of the project, various talks were organised with fans, local associations and neighbourhood committees all involved. Parma Calcio had the chance not only to respond to question posed by all of the interested parties but also to make some changes to the project as suggested by the stakeholders themselves.

Over the coming months, Parma Calcio will continue to listen to the local community, through the organisation of new meetings and via the opening of an Infopoint, which will display the current stage of the project and a scale model of the new stadium.