The Tardini is and will remain the home of Parma Calcio, but it will also become a space for the entire city.

  • It will, in fact, be totally renovated to offer an inclusive and comprehensive space, which may be used by all citizens throughout the entire week, not just on matchdays.
  • It will be a multifunctional centre, in which public events may organised.
  • It will be fully integrated with the rest of the city and will become a part of Parma’s ecological network.

The fan experience will be enriched thanks to the creation of new spaces in all sections of the ground. Furthermore, all of the spaces dedicated to the players, technical staff, match officials and media members will be renovated to transform the Tardini into a stadium that adheres to the highest standards required for hosting matches in the principal international competitions.

A museum of Parma and of Parmesan sport will be created and the Parma Calcio shop – where you can grab all of the gadgets and official Club merchandise – will also be renovated. Each step taken aims to improve the experience of all fans as much as possible.

The covered gallery, which will surround the stands, will host:

  • local stores
  • shops dedicated to food, relaxation and tourism, which can be used at all times of year

Spaces for sport and entertainment will be created within the facility. Even the outer wall bordering the stadium will be utilised as ‘vertical space’ dedicated to the community.