– The new Stadio di Parma project intends to meet a number of needs: first and foremost, of a sporting nature, but also in social and environmental ways, which derive from the needs of Parma Calcio, the city, the fans, the residents of the area in question and, more broadly, the entire Parma community.

More generally, football today requires higher quality infrastructural standards to guarantee its fans a better experience from many points of view: engagement, services, loyalty, security. Parma Calcio therefore needs a modern and efficient sports facility, with high environmental and energy sustainability requirements, that will enhance its competitive capacity internationally, consolidating its sporting position in Italy and Europe. It is a project that focuses on the concept of ‘sustainability’ in all its forms:


  • Social sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Energy sustainability
  • Economic sustainability

For more information, please download THE “NUOVO STADIO DI PARMA” PROJECT DOSSIER


– The participation pathway was created to make the Stadio Ennio Tardini regeneration project more accessible. The purpose of participation is to give everyone complete information on the project, guaranteeing a comparison with the designers, in order to collect observations, critical issues and proposals to be shared with the proponent of the work, the Municipality of Parma, which will be evaluated and may go into integrating the project with a view to improving it. The process is designed and guided by a participation coordinator, an impartial figure whose role is to encourage discussion and participation, define activities and meetings, prepare the communication plan and draw up the final report, to be submitted to the municipal administration.

Here is access to all the information to take part in the process: