Parma Calcio continues to actively work on a project, with forever the same goal: to create an innovative, inclusive, sustainable and multifunctional stadium.
The realisation of the project has been entrusted to Studio Zoppini who have specialised in the highly complex technological design of public sports facilities since 1961.

The priorities of the project are:

  • To benefit the community
  • To benefit the fans
  • Environmental conservation

In fact, it is intended to for the structure to be significantly improved:

  • A roof that protects the public from rain and bad weather and thus improves the experience of the fans, while also ensuring a reduction in the noise impact on the surrounding areas.
  • the lighting, powered by sustainable sources of energy, will be built into the roof structure. In this way, the floodlight towers will be removed and, most importantly, light pollution will be significantly reduced, which will also increase energy efficiency.

An “urban project” that will become an integral part of the area, with a connection to the historic centre, the Gallery, Parco della Cittadella and Parco Giacomo Ferrari, will be easily accessible by public transport, on foot and by bicycle.
This is the idea that will make the stadium an innovative, inclusive, eco-sustainable and multifunctional place, bordered by a large public square right in front of the Petitot stand, with plenty of indoor halls and new services for the community. All of which will be usable and accessible to everyone.